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Raising Awareness

Luces por el 22q - Lighting the 22q

The "Luces por el 22q/Lighting the 22q" is an international awareness movement that began in Spain in 2018. We submit requests to government or private organizations to have the most significant buildings illuminated in red on the night of November 22nd. We choose November 22nd ("22/11") as a play on the name, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

Here are the countries that participated in 2021.


The Franklin Institute
The Franklin Institute
Philadelphia locations:
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
  • Boat House Row
  • PECO Center City Highrise Crown Lights
  • The Franklin Institute

Photos from Philadelphia Right Arrow


CN Tower
CN Tower
Toronto - CN Tower

The weather condition was excellent, and we could spot the red CN Tower even from 30 km away. Nevertheless, seeing the tower in close proximity was a real experience. The most recognizable Toronto landmark was majestic when lit in bright red. Of course, we keep in mind the true meaning of this event - we want to let Toronto and even the whole world know about 22q, an under-recognized condition that affects 1 in 2,148 live births.

Photos from Toronto Right Arrow
Early diagnosis of 22q can lead to a much better life, and awareness is key! Please join us in telling the world about this under-recognized complex condition. Here is the event website with sample request letters so you can plan ahead for the lighting events in 2022!


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