Inauguration of 22q11.2 DS Research Fund at KU Leuven

At February 28th 2018, on the International Day for Rare Diseases, 3 research funds were inaugurated at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), in Flanders, Belgium. One of them, the 22q11.2 DS/Vecarfa Research Fund, is an initiative between the parent organization "22q11.2 DS Vecarfa Flanders" and the Center for Human Genetics Leuven. The aim of the 22q11.2 DS/Vecarfa Research Fund is to raise awareness, to increase the knowledge on 22q11.2 DS, and to the improve the quality of life of individuals with 22q11.2 DS and their families. Prof. Ann Swillen is the holder of the fund.
Exceptional Kids Balloon
Exceptional Kids Balloon
'Exceptional kids': At the Center for Human Genetics we believe that children with a rare genetic disorder are exceptional, in the most positive sense of the word. At the center, we strive each day to better understand the cause of these rare diseases, in order to improve the psychosocial support for these children so they can grow up to be adults with their unique talents and capacities.

(From left to right):

Steven De Vlaminck,
President, 22q11.2 DS/Vecarfa

Prof. Dr. Chris Van Geet,
Vice-Rector, KU Leuven

Prof. Dr. Jeroen Breckpot,
Department of Human Genetics, KU Leuven

(From left to right)

Prof. Dr. Ann Swillen,
Department of Human Genetics, KU Leuven

Prof. Dr. Joris Vermeesch,
President, Department of Human Genetics,
KU Leuven

Jeroen Breckpot, Joris Vermeesch, Ann Swillen, Steven De Vlaminck, and Chris Van Geet

Steven De Vlaminck, Chris Van Geet, and Ann Swillen.