The Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Award is presented at the Biennial meeting to honor an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to our understanding of 22q11.2 and personal qualities including:
  • Commitment (number of years of service)
  • Hard Work (hours of service)
  • Devotion (selfless hours of service)
  • Collaboration and Inclusivity (with sister organizations and the research and healthcare community at large)
  • Along with making a national and international impact on individuals with 22q11.2DS and/or their families and caregivers

2022 Recipient: Ann Lawlor and Candice Hamilton-Utgyensu

Congratulations to Ann Lawlor and Candice Hamilton-Utgyensu, who received the Unsung Hero Award in June 2022 at the Biennial International 22q11.2 Conference in Split, Croatia.

Dr. Anne Bassett with Unsung Hero Award 2022 recipient Ann Lawlor

Donna McDonald-McGinn with Unsung Hero Award 2022 recipient Candice Hamilton-Utgyensu

Previous recipients

2018 - The Dempster Family Foundation Canada

2016 - Maria Kamper, President of 22q Foundation Australia and New Zealand

2014 - Sheila Kambin, President of the International 22q11.2 Foundation, Inc.

2012 - Julie Wootton, Chair of Trustees of Max Appeal! of the United Kingdom