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Joanne Loo

Joanne Loo (PhD) is the Website Editor for the 22q11.2 Society. She uploads news items, commentaries, photos, and meeting information. She organizes the content so that members of the 22q community can easily find what they need.

Joanne is also the Patient and Family Educational Tool Developer and Website Manager at the Dalglish Family 22q Clinic at the Toronto General Hospital in Canada. Together with Dr. Anne Bassett and the Clinic Team, she generated leaflets on topics such as emergency preparedness, mental health, and internet safety. She has also been developing website contents for patients, families, educators, medical professionals, and police officers. In addition, she is involved in quality improvement initiatives at the Dalglish Clinic.

If you have any comments about the website, please contact Joanne:

Joanne visited Prof. Peter Scambler in London in June 2017.
Joanne visited Prof. Peter Scambler in London in June 2017.

As Joanne mentioned at the Whistler 2018 conference, we are looking for more:

- Translations of existing reviews and guidelines

- Research commentaries

- Graduate theses

Please send your contributions to: website_editor(at)

Thank you!